Let the 3rd Trimester Begin {Happy Monday}

As I started this post at 7am this morning…. it’s now 1:30pm and he’s “locked” in his room for a forced nap time. I figure another 30 minutes of battling me and he’ll give in.
Crazy Crazy Crazy.
The last trimester of my pregnancy is here.
{Technically it’s been here a week or so, but who’s counting}
Little one is still moving like crazy. Some days its feeling very alien-like. most days it’s comforting to know he’s doing just fine in there or just getting very cramped. Either way movement is good.
Along with manicures and this growing bump!

Last week we had a pretty crazy little week. Fun but crazy 
Between my parents in town, my aunt & uncle in town, the Seahawks tanking the SuperBowl, Cash getting croup = a 1am ER visit, and our typical busy work week it’s been a little bit of a blur. 

I know kid I thought they had it won and nearly lost interest too

seriously? who gives a 2 year old a popsicle at 2am?
I’m actually not 100% sure what happened to the weekend? If someone would like to hand me back Sunday so I can accomplish more than just writing on my chalkboard that would be great.
Luckily I have today to get my ish together. Although honestly, I might just ignore that pile of dishes until tonight cause I know we’re going out to dinner and no one will be over at the house today {insert weird tongue sticking out smiling face here}. 
First things first… tackling the mini mountain of laundry so we can pack for our Hawaiian getaway! Yep you read that correctly. Mr. Peach & I are escaping to the beach for 6 days. 
Just. The. Two. Of. Us. 
Call it a baby moon or whatever you’d like… We are definitely ready to just relax! I’m only gonna be half a giant basket case being away from Cash for that long but I know he’ll be spoiled and really well taken care of. Plus extra happy to see us when we get back. So c’mon Wednesday!
Even before that, we get to see our tiniest human in 3D tomorrow. I can’t wait to actually see the acrobatic display I’ve been feeling for months now. Crossing my fingers he doesn’t randomly decide that 10:30am sounds like a great nap time. 
So this week is certainly going to be exciting and promises to be equally as eventful as last week.
I have literally 7 drafts started but I’m struggling to actually sit down & finish them. With any luck I can pack before 8pm tomorrow and have a few spare evening hours to finish a few up and schedule them out. No promises but I will certainly be trying. Hey, if all else fails, I’m bringing the laptop on vacation so who knows… that 6 hour flight may prove beneficial to my blogging! 
I can’t wait to share with you my recent experiences with 2 new (to me) brands! One on the wellness side and the other in fashion. Also I swear I still have those recipes to share! Bare with me…
Stay tuned for what’s in store! You know this kid is sticking around for the fun!
Happy Monday Friends! 

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