Week 30

Hello from Hawaii!! Happy Valentines Eve! 

I’m doing my best to keep up more with this, no promises for the rest of the trip though! We’ll see how it goes 🙂

The pregnancy is chugging along as it should. We are in the home stretch now … 
Only 10 weeks left and I’m not sure I’m ready for how fast I know these weeks are going to fly by ! Thank goodness for this awesome vacation to give us some much needed R&R just the two of us. Of course we are both totally missing our munchkin, but we know he’s in great hands! Just a few more days and we’ll have to go back to reality.

 Lucky for Cash (and us) I’ve already got lots of fun adventures planned for when we get back! Now that it’s gorgeous in Phoenix we’ve got to soak up the sunshine & have as much fun as possible before baby brother arrives to keep us shut inside & sleep deprived {at least in the beginning}. Bonus for the preggo: floating in a pool makes you feel weightless! Score.

Now for the good stuff… Baby Updates! 
Lucas is doing great! I think he’s enjoying vacation as much as I am actually!

How far along? 30 weeks today
Total weight gain/loss: When we left I was right around the 12lb mark. So I’m thinking 13 or 14 now?
Maternity clothes? Oh but of course. We love the stretchy waistband!
Stretch marks? Still holding strong at zero marks. I’m being a crazy person with the lotion lately too.
Sleep: It’s really depending on the night. For the most part I’m sleeping well, but I do wake up to pee a lot. 
Best moment this week: It’s a toss up… between, Relaxing on the beach in Hawaii & seeing little Lucas in 3D.
Miss Anything? I am really wishing I could chow down on some fresh sushi. Being on a tropical island doesn’t help this one bit. But it’s fine I’m making up for it in morning donuts {oops}
Movement: When doesn’t this kid move?! It’s really wonderful to know he’s fine in there {probably a little cramped} but I would be ok if he could go a little easier on my skin and ribcage.
Food cravings:  homemade chocolate chip cookies. seriously. I asked my parents to turn around after they were 8 hours into their drive back to Washington just so my dad could come back & make me some. Cause his are the best! And I’m being especially lazy about this one… cause he taught me his recipe/tricks YEARS ago 🙂
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have had the nausea come back. But thankfully it’s not too bad. Just have to stay hydrated and not be stuck in a car too long. 
Gender prediction: Still a boy! 
Labor Signs: Nothing that I’m sure of. My stomach has tightened up a few times but I think it’s just because of his movement. A little pressure in my pelvis but that could be due to all the walking we’ve done and how big my belly is getting.
Belly Button in or out? Still out. Every time Hubby looks at it he asks me if that thing hurts? lol. apparently it looks painful.
Wedding rings on or off? On except at night. I am so glad that my hands aren’t swelling as bad as last time, so far. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: I guess I should ask Mr. Peach on this one. I’m feeling like I’m happy just starting to get more tired & nauseous again so that doesn’t really help my mood. 
Weekly Wisdom: Life is exactly what you make it. You can’t plan out every single minute it’s much more enjoyable when you take the time to relax & go with the flow. 
Looking forward to: Our next doctors appointment on the 25th when we get to retry the 3D ultrasound! But right now I’m just looking forward to the beach & lunch 🙂

Thanks for stopping in to read my ramblings thoughts & updates! 
Hope your day is as wonderful as mine promises to be! 
Bye for now

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