Banana Pankcakes

“makin banana pancakes”
I totally sing the John Mayer song every time I make these bad boys. 

So simple, So delish. 
Here is the original recipe is simply 2 ingredients Egg & Banana. yep thats it. A 1:1 Ratio. Just smash up your banana and whisk in an egg. So easy! Make sure to make these on the smaller side as they can be tricky to flip. Also it’s a super quick cook time when they’re tiny. 
The best part is I’ve started to play with them… 
I’ve found that a riper banana makes for a mushier, sweeter pancake and it really needs no extras. But a less ripe banana produces a denser & more firm pancake that actually makes you feel like you’re eating a pancake. Keep in mind the less ripe your banana is. the less sweet of a pancake it makes. 

Adding my own twist, I’ve tried so far…. a splash of unsweetened almond coconut milk, a dash of cinnamon, and even some unsweetened coconut flake. I’ve got so many more ideas…. blueberries, cocoa powder, even a drop of lemon essential oil. I’m certainly excited to experiment more!
Cooking is so much fun, right! 
Can’t wait to hear how you like them! And Please feel free to share your ideas below! 

Bye for now

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