Homemade Neosporin

So if you somehow missed my last post or you haven’t seen on Facebook or Instagram already… 
I’m totally hooked on essential oils! 
I can’t help it. They are tiny bottles of magic! No seriously I am loving the benefits from this all natural solution to treating common ailments. I could probably write a dozen or so posts on each of our little success stories —> who knows, I just might if I get a little “extra” time. 
Having been involved with the health industry for over 7 years now I have definite opinions on things that work, things that don’t work and about what I choose to put into my body. Does this mean I always make the right choices? No way! I love me a good trans fat filled donut and I’m certainly not above stuffing my face with a bag of greasy potato chips. I just do my best not to make these choices the daily norm. Plus I understand that my body craves what I give it on a regular basis. Simply stated if you put in the good stuff, you’ll crave more good stuff & your body will reward you with good stuff.  It’s science 🙂
A friend of mine has been posting little things about these oils for a few months now. She keeps telling people of her success and how doubtful she was at first. But with continued usage they are helping with all sorts of things. I love how they don’t build up in your body like many pharmaceutical drugs do. You don’t have to ween off of them. Or worry about crazy side effects! Of course some people may have allergies or certain oils may react on your skin if your don’t dilute them with a carrier oil but that happens with anything we are putting on/in our bodies. Read the directions and you’re good! Needless to say I’m on board the Essential Oil train! 
Especially since it creates all sort of new fun & USABLE projects for me!
I’ve been collecting blends & recipes for a few weeks now. 
Trying to decide what we would use the most, what I would need to get and what stuff we already had in the pantry (like coconut oil, shea butter, jars etc…). 
Finally, on Sunday I had some extra time to play during nap time.
So I tried my hand at making 2 kinds of chapstick {Peppermint & OnGuard Honey Lavender} along with Neosporin. They were surprisingly simple and easy to do! Plus all three turned out great!! 
Which makes me even more excited to try the next few on my list! 
In my recent oils research, I found one blogger in particular Jenniraincloud who has a ton of different homemade recipes. Actually I found more than one! As I try out certain things from each of them I will gladly share their recipes and what works or doesn’t for us.
Today I would love to share with you the recipe of Jenni’s for a Homemade Neosporin using oils!
It’s fairly simple and so far works great. 
I had enough to fill a 4 oz jar along with 7 chapstick tubs for easy on-the-go applications.
 {i.e. one of those bad boys will be living in my purse/diaper bag}
I’m pretty sure it will end up being called Mommy’s “magic balm” or some derivative and heal all the “ouchies” (as Cash calls them).
This bad boy contains Lavender, Tea Tree (Melaluca) Lemon and Frankincense essential oils so it’s antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal. Frankincense also acts as a coagulant, which helps stop bleeding from wounds and cuts as well as helps renew and repair skin cells. Coconut Oil is pretty much a super oil and helps with healing and Olive Oil is chalk full of vitamins and antioxidants. Beeswax is also moisturizing but mainly it just creates a barrier over the skin which heals and protects while the oils seep in to start working. 


The best part is each of these oils is found in the \ Family Physician’s Kit or the Home Essentials Kit (which has a diffuser & free Deep Blue Rub this month). Both get you a membership so that you are able to get quality oils at the wholesale price for an entire year!
Just contact me to get started! Or email me to try out some samples!
Anyway… here is the recipe (modified slightly by me with what I found easiest)! 

Homemade Neosporin 

1/4 cup unrefined organic coconut oil 
1/4 cup organic olive oil
1 Tbsp. organic beeswax
15-20 drops Lavender essential oil 
12-15 drops Frankincense essential oil 
10 drops Lemon essential oil 
10 drops Melaleuca essential oil 
1. Fill a large pot half way full with water and place a glass bowl with a spout inside.(Basically a make shift double boiler)
2. Add your coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax to the glass bowl. Use a popsicle stick to stir them and for easier clean up.
3. Once beeswax and oils are completely melted, remove from heat and let sit for 2-3 minutes.
4. Add in the essential oils.
5. Pour directly into desired containers. Work fast cause it starts to cool fairly quickly. 
6. Let your containers cool and the Neosporin harden completely. 

It really took me 10 minutes once I started. The hardest part was gathering up the other ingredients (or waiting for Amazon to deliver them lol).

Give it a try & let me know what you think!!
Bye for Now!

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