Cash Update {raising a boy}

I think it’s about time for an update on Cash…

He is 2 years & 3 months old today!!
Hard to believe how quick he’s growing up
I swear every single day he learns a new word. 
We can’t even count how many words he knows now.
But let me tell you he knows more than Brad or I realize.
It’s pretty awesome to watch your kid learn new things and teach you just how smart he is!

His latest saying is “I have an idea” it’s too funny cause he is usually trying to get out of whatever we just told him to do. Quite the little negotiator already.
We’ve also started the rough and tumble stage (ahhh already?!) but it actually makes me smile to hear Cash say to Brad “u wanna bight meee” (you wanna fight with me) before they play wrestle

This kid is all boy!!
Not only is he super sweet to Mama (most of the time) but he is totally Daddy’s mini.
He is becoming so aware of things. Copying what we do and say. And questioning everything.

As we get closer (only 7 more weeks) to having boy #2 I think about all the things that I have learned as a boy Mama. Sure I had a younger brother growing up and even boy cousins. But being a mom to a little boy is an adventure that you can’t quite prepare for, you certainly can’t even guess what to actually expect. After a little over 2 years and many experiences here are a few of the things I have learned about raising a boy…

Raising a little boy means balls.  Seriously there can never be enough. All shapes & sizes all over your house & yard.. It means staying alert 24/7 or you’re getting hit with balls. 

Raising a little boy means getting excited over anything with wheels. It means hearing “car!” or “motorcycle!” from the backseat over & over & over when you are driving. It also means jumping up and down whenever you hear a loud vehicle pass by.

Raising a little boy means dirty hands. Touching bugs, playing in mud, bringing rocks into the house, and picking up all the sticks. And of course you will always want to hold those tiny, dirty hands when they slip into yours, because having a little boy also means you will be getting just as messy as him. 

Raising a little boy means there will always be a bruise, a scratch, or some kind of “ouchie” to kiss and make better. It means he will jump off of things, climb on top of things, fall off of things, and run into things. Accidents will happen all. the. time. And you will always be there to fix them.

Raising a little boy means that there will always be somewhere in your house that is a mess. He will pull all of the books off of the shelf, dump all the blocks out of the bucket, throw pillows off of beds and pull clothes out of drawers. So a little boy also means that you will probably have to let go of always having a clean house. Or be picking up things constantly. 

Raising a little boy means seeing your husband’s mini. You will see your son want to be “just like Dad” in every way, and it will melt your heart every time they do something together (even the little things). 

Raising a little boy means that there will never, ever be a dull moment. There will be lots of laughs at the ridiculous things he does and silly things he says. There will also be frustration as he becomes more independent and wants to do everything you tell him not to.

Raising a little boy means you are molding a future man. I hope that as our boy(s) grow we are able to teach them respect, honor, love, faith, integrity, honesty, compassion, self confidence, and so much more. 

A little boy is one of the absolute best things in the world, and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing. 

I can’t explain how much the experience of motherhood brings me joy. Sure some days I cry, laugh and yell all in the same hour. But at the end of every single day I am so thankful. I cherish each of the crazy moments as much as the joyous ones. I feel as though my journey as a mom is very much at the beginning still and I know I will be learning so much more. 
Right now I am soaking up every moment of these last 7 weeks with just one. Honestly I am both nervous and excited to see how Cash adjusts into his role as the big brother. 
Only time will tell. 
thank you for reading my mommy thoughts/ramblings…
We have a pretty relaxed weekend planned {aka nothing at all} and a busy upcoming week.
But I’ve got a few posts lined up for you!
Bye for now!

One thought on “Cash Update {raising a boy}

  1. What a wonder reflection of life as a boy mama! You are a terrific mom andvim so glad you enjoy and appreciate each and all of the moments you have! Love your posts!!


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