My Latest Home Projects

Have you ever had that moment when you find something awesome on Etsy or even in the store and then you look at the price. Boom $95 what the efff?? Sure some things are totally worth the splurge but others I just can’t bring myself to spend that much. Especially when we’re talking home decor. Cause I know myself. I’m indecisive, I will without a doubt want to change something a month {or week} later, unless I absolutely. positively LOVE a piece! The best part of DIY is the satisfaction on the finished masterpiece. When you see your vision start to really form it’s oh so worth the time! Plus this way I can really customize things for our home/taste/style! Again so very worth it! Don’t get me wrong some things you must spend the coin on… a true quality piece is worth the money. I just happen to have had some extra time on my hands in the past month and oodles of energy (thank you nesting instincts) so I appeased my inner crafty lady! Here are a few of the new additions to our home

 A menu board in the kitchen… Or it may become for grocery lists if I change my mind!
I’ve been searching for the perfect size frame for the space next to the fridge for months. I literally stumbled upon just the right one at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back. It didn’t start out the right color for our space but with a few coats of paint (which I already had in my stash) it turned out perfectly! Also between a great sale and a coupon I managed to get it for only $7. So worth it!!!
I’m loving the minty/aqua/teal these days!! 
Seems like the perfect bright mix for a house full or boys & me 🙂

A canvas for the hallway on the kids/guest side of the house
This one was my first attempt at acrylic paints & canvas. 
The original piece I saw on Etsy. It just seemed so easy to create my own. 
While it’s not perfect (I guess that’s why I should’ve paid 95), it turned out very cute and fits the space. I just wish I could fix 2 of the letters now that I see it every day. Who knows if Michaels does another canvas sale I may just try it again! {Maybe not though}
 And last but not least I found the cutest Keys holder (which I scored on sale for $3) and painted it white for our laundry room!

One day I’ll get that room changed up… Just a coat of paint, a lower shelf above the washer/dryer, and some sort of organizing unit/mudroom piece/cleaning supply cabinet. So only a few more things til it’s actually finished!! But I love a work in progress 🙂
Hope this inspires you to do a little DIY around your own home! 
It really is tons of fun to create things just for us!
Bye for now

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