Our Easter Recap

Only a week + 4 days late. 
I say it’s due to it being the end of my pregnancy… 
Or maybe it’s because I just can’t sit still long enough to write blog posts lately. 
Like no joke… I don’t even want to be sitting here now. 
But I can’t actually nap even though both boys are passed out & my mom is currently sleeping in the sunshine. So I may as well get this thing updated!!
Baby Lucas isn’t here yet but if all these contractions and pre-labor signs are any indication he will be  arriving any day! Like hopefully Sunday/Monday so we can have a relaxing weekend & I can still get a few small things done 🙂 
Today I’d love to share some {or maybe a lot} of the photos from our last holiday.
Our Easter weekend was so much fun!! 
Between an egg hunt and peep house building {or eating} with the moms group

Dying/Coloring/Eating eggs at home

Successfully throwing GranWen/Mom a super surprise party.

 Another egg hunt and a visit from the Easter bunny at our house.
{can you say spoiled/candy overload}
Special thanks to Grammy B & Great Grandma Bette for that one

A nice dinner out with the family 

 and hubby (with the help of my awesome mother in law delivering) surprised me with a glider!!

We had a blast! 
Cash is really getting into holidays now that he understands so much more. 
It’s making each event even more exciting!
Seriously it’s almost been 2 weeks and he’ll still ask if he can go outside and look for eggs from the Easter Bunny. Love that he refuses to give up, even though we’ve assured him he has successfully found ALL of them! 
Hope you enjoyed the photo recap! Hopefully I only have one more catch up post and then I’ll be up to date on here. Only to pop out this kid and find myself pleasantly behind 🙂
Eventually it will all even itself out right…
Thanks for sticking around! 
bye for now

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