Week 39

I can honestly say after last weekend, I wasn’t quite sure we were gonna make it this far. I’ve been having so many contractions, labor signs (I’ll spare you the gross details) and overall discomfort I just assumed he would arrive this past week. Truthfully it will be any day… I am hoping for tonight or tomorrow but only Lucas knows when he’ll really arrive to meet us! No matter when it is we are excited and ready to hold him!!

After a crazy Tuesday night 45 minutes of contractions 7 minutes apart and lots of pressure I was convinced he may break my water. So we asked my mom to hop on a plane. She made it for the birth of Cash so we didn’t her to miss grandson #2. Of course she books a flight, I go in to see the doctor Wednesday afternoon to find out we’ve had minimal progress. {really kid} Since then there have been a few uncomfortable nights, more pressure and contractions but he’s still nice and comfy in my belly.

It’s great having my mama here to help with things. The best part is not really having to clean the kitchen or bend over for bath time. She made some killer ribs for dinner last night and cleaned up. Score. Plus, Cash is loving the extra attention so I can’t feel that guilty that we pulled the trigger on saying “hop on a plane” a little bit too early.

We’re staying very busy…. between errands, playing at the park, shopping, bubbles and eating great!
It may be too much fun but hey that’s how you keep a toddler {who very much knows something big is happening} entertained and a cranky pregnant lady distracted!!

 Like I said one can only hope he’ll make his appearance very very soon. To help it along I’m all about warm baths, long walks, foot rubs and even a little cardio at the gym. {gasp} I’m super proud of myself for a successful 30 minutes on the elliptical, even if it was only 2 miles.

Fingers crossed it will get things moving more! 
I’m really craving Mexican food today so maybe the spice will help too 🙂
There is no predicting what this week will bring but for now I’m headed to take a bath and probably nap. It seems like the relaxing thing to do. As the only thing I’m sure of… sleep will be illusive very, very soon. 
Have a wonderful weekend! 
Bye for Now

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