Home Sweet Home

As much as the hospital is great at taking care of you… It really feels so great to be home and getting into a routine. I can tell this is going to be quite the adjustment for Cash. He is very unsure about getting close to brother but he does talk to him and try to share his toys so it’s a start! I know he will come around soon and I will struggle to keep him away from baby. But right now, it is a little tough to see him shy away from baby and mama (if I’m holding Lucas).
Poor kid had his world rocked and isn’t too sure how he actually feels about it. 
Thank goodness for grandparents being here! 
Cash is getting so spoiled between the two sets it will be interesting to see how he does once my parents go back to Washington. Lucky us we still have Brad’s parents here for 6 weeks so we will be sure to take advantage of them as much as we can. 🙂 Seriously 2 year old energy is NO JOKE.
It’s all about how much we can wear him out so that everyone gets naps and a good nights rest. 

Off to nap! This guy already has a head start on me…
Bye for Now!

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