One Week Update!

It’s a little crazy to think it’s been an entire week since this precious boy joined our family.
We all seem to be adjusting very well! 
Getting 3 hours of sleep at a time. Yay for Lucas (& Mama)!
Cash is sleeping better most nights… but I’m sure that will continue to be a struggle as we try to make sure he’s busy enough all day long. Even if he makes his way into bed with Lucas & I he still sleeps till 7am so I can’t really complain too much! 
I mean they are both too cute to care that I’m losing all kinds of bedspace nightly 🙂
I can honestly say I am feeling great! I had no idea that I would feel “mostly recovered” so quickly this time around. Minus some nutso postpartum hormones I’m feeling better every day. 
It feels amazing to be back to a somewhat normal routine… kitchen, laundry, picking up the playroom you know the really really fun stuff (hahahaha)
But seriously each day gets a little easier. I’m slowly finding a rhythm with the boys (all 3 of them) & managing to make a little time for myself. Even if it’s just an hour of quiet… I’ll take it!

Cash is getting more & more comfortable!! YES! He gets a little closer each day. 
So I’d say that’s a victory for everyone!
Hope you all are having a great week! 
I’m still working on Birth Story… Hopefully I can actually finish it before he’s a month old. 
Bye for Now!

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