Cinco De Mayo!

Hey all!!!!
Happy Cinco De Mayo!
All three of my boys are taking naps… I’ve got chicken in the crockpot. A recipe planned for some yummy Chipotle Style Cilantro Rice and Cowboy Caviar is chilling in the fridge. We already had salsa on hand, so I didn’t make my own… but I did get some lime chips at the store this morning.
Hey I’d say we’re about to have a very yummy 5th of May celebration tonight! The only thing I’m missing is margarita mix. Maybe we’ll take a tequila shot just because (probably not though lol)
Hope you all have something festive planned… or just a fun night with your family! 
Remember, It’s the little things that create memories.  holidays, food, and fun seem like the most perfect way to do that! 
I just wanted to post a short hello… I’ve got a small mountain of paperwork to file in the office. A stack of birth announcements to address. Some thank you’s to finish up. And I really need to get Mother’s Day gifts going ASAP. Along with a baby book to work on and about 50,000 pictures to sort, organize, print out. Along with some blogging drafts to finish up so I don’t leave you guys hanging anymore 🙂 Oh theres the crockpot… time to shred some chicken, set it to stay warm and then tackle my to-do list at my desk. Shoot is it already 4pm. Maybe I’ll have a chai latte too!
Bye for Now!

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