It’s May… Lets have an oily Month!

Hard to believe it that May is here… I’m loving the warm weather of Phoenix but certainly looking forward to early next week when it is supposed to cool down a little bit! Cash loves a good thunderstorm cause it means he gets to play in the mud that is half of our backyard the next day.

I haven’t been very active in posting about our oil usage lately… But we’ve stepped it up since baby. Not only am I diffusing more, making more goodies, & just adding them into lots of our foods too.

Plus…. I’m loving this blend for a bug spray that we’ve been using nightly when playing outside. 

If you’ve been thinking of joining the oil journey this is a really great month to do it!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information! I would love to help you get started and mentor you through the learning process of essential oils. There are so many wonderful uses for them and they are helping our family in so many ways that we didn’t even know were possible. 
Now is as good of time as any… 
Take advantage of the May special and earn yourself even more free product! 
Bye for Now!

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