1 Month // Lucas

Yay Lucas is 1 month old!! nope I haven’t found the time to finish his birth story.
Here’s to hoping I can get to that very soon…


 This little cutie is keeping us on our toes.
He loves to sleep in anyones arms and is basically a ticking time bomb if you try to put him down.

He is oh so sweet until he gets hungry and then he just gets mad. But really who doesn’t get mad when they’re hungry (I know both mommy & daddy start to get testy).  He is starting to chunk up and I am stoked for baby rolls. It’s amazing how much food he can put down and spit back up.

I am very much hoping those eyes stay blue. Brad keeps saying he’s gonna be a lady killer, since the coloring is a really neat steel grey blue. And of course he has the matching dimple to big brother & daddy. I might be biased but we make pretty cute babies.

He is starting to get interested in noises. Head turns for when Daddy, Mommy or big brother talk. Very curious already.

His little neck is quite strong. I wish we could get a video but I’m sure he’ll be 2 months before we actually get around to it. Shoot his legs are pretty strong too. He pushes against our hands and tries to crawl up daddy just like Cash did. It’s so much fun watching him grow and change each day.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!



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