Time Flies

when you add another kid to the mix… I swear the days just melt together. 
Especially when the newborn prefers to nap in my arms and the toddler prefers not to nap. 

For the past month I’ve had excellent intentions to continue blogging but as you can see from the dust collecting around this space I’ve failed miserably {although I back dated a post about Lucas today}
Sadly I can’t promise it will get much better but I have hopes of at least posting once a week. I mean the sheer volume of photos that I upload to my iPhoto weekly means I’ve got tons to share!! 
Actually sitting down with the computer long enough to type with out a tiny one crying and the other one yelling Mama while attempting to climb me is a task I’ve yet to master. But I plan to get there!

Cross you fingers the joint afternoon naps start becoming a regular thing. Or at least the littlest one sleeping out of my arms for more than 45 minutes so that I can complete a post 🙂
One with much more substance than this! Even though I know how much you all love photos of sleeping kiddos and my sleep deprived ramblings. 
I promise there will be more one day!
Bye for now!!

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