6 week Post Partum check in

technically it’s 6 1/2 weeks but who’s counting. (besides me)

Left: 4/23 @ 5: am      Right: 6/7 @ 10am
It’s strange, I’ve recently been thinking about how much I didn’t watch the scale after I had Cash. I wasn’t concerned with any of it. I ate everything I wanted to, breastfed him, walked daily and soon was in the gym 2- 3 times a week. This time around I’m more nervous about my body bouncing back {which is silly}. I step on the scale too much and I don’t have a great routine set up yet both worry me more than I should let them. Simply put 2 kids is much more of a time juggle than 1. In the fleeting moments that both are napping I like to just relax or nap or clean up the house or prep dinner or eat (this could go on for at least 10 other “ors”). On top of finding so many things to keep me busy when I do think hey lets go for a walk, Cash isn’t stoked about sitting in a stroller so mommy can walk/jog he wants to run too. But that is alright, in time we will find a balance. 
To start, I am stretching daily and doing a few body weight exercises about 3 times a week. 
My goal for next week is to up that to 4-5x and be consistent for about 2-3 weeks. 
Then add in walking, jogging and weights. 
This is photo proof of the 21lbs that have fallen off in the last 6.5 weeks {yep I weighed 176 at the hospital check in}. I’ve been stuck at this number for 2.5 weeks now, which I’m pretty sure has prompted my discouraged feelings and reflection about after Cash was born. 

I need to remember it will happen in time. The weight will come off {thank you breastfeeding} and with daily exercises and good ol fashioned weightlifting I can get my muscle tone back. 
 Left: 4/24 @ 10am       Right: 6/10 @ 9am

I hope to use these posts to keep me accountable. Even former personal trainers need accountability. Trust me everyone in the world can find an excuse to “do it tomorrow” but when you suck it up and do it today, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow & do it again. Only then can you see real progress!

Here is a shot of a morning floor exercises & stretching session with my tiny PIC.

Maybe for the next post I’ll get some workouts video taped??
Hey it could happen!

With that I’ll leave you with a Cash funny:
On mornings that I’m able to play outside with Cash and not have to hold Lucas. I put on some tennis shoes and do a few sprints, lunges, jump squats across our yard. Last week I went through 3 rounds of these. I was huffing & puffing like I just ran a marathon and Cash looked at me dead serious and said, ” now do push ups”.  {insert crying/laughing emoji} Guess it’s never too early to motivate.
I see a future career for you kid.

bye for now!

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