Cash turns 2.5

I figure we can celebrate these things until they’re 10 or so… 
anything to make more traditions & it’s a really fun excuse to have a cupcake 🙂
Plus Daddy is out of town for work this weekend and we are in PARTY amazing naps mode. 
Can I just take a moment to say thank you to these sweet boys for 3 days of synchronized 3 hour afternoon naps! Hallelujah. On top of that we’ve had great nights and even a sleep in morning. Mommy is pretty much floating in the clouds with all this extra sleep. It’s wonderful 
{please don’t stop now that I’ve bragged about it}
We didn’t get too crazy today. Just a little outing to Whole Foods for pretty things & sweets
I figured we don’t need a full batch of cupcakes. Between me wanting to lose the baby weight and being the only adult around to handle a sugar crazy toddler, buying a couple singles is much safer for my waistline & sanity. Also, Cash picked pizza for dinner! & Who am I to turn him down today…

Its was a pretty sweet way to end our fantastic, successful weekend.
I couldn’t have guessed the boys would be this great for me. 
Must say I’m feeling like super mom after our sleep filled weekend. 
Hope you weekend was magical too!
Bye for now!

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