Summertime in Washington

So much has happened.

Check ups. Road trip. Fourth of July Holiday. Hit with the humidity that is a Seattle-area summer. 

Mostly we are trying to find the best routine for our family. Can I just tell you that it is hard. A 2.5 year old doesn’t understand extended vacations that we try to act like everything is normal. He sees it as a big party with so much grandparent time. Mama is struggling but we shall survive. I know it. After Daddy gets through some work travel we are shooting for a little bit more routine. And a lot less crazy (kicking, screaming, hitting) toddler. 
Maybe next week I can sit in front of my computer for more than just bill paying. Cause I’m ready to toss out my phone. (Not that I’m hearing from the people I thought I might, anyway)
But don’t mind that… It’s equally good to document the crappy days right? Today is that. Luckily I’m ending it saying a few extra prayers, being thankful for our healthy boys & the fact that we can travel  as a family like this no matter how tough some moments can be. 
Tomorrow is a new day! 

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