mid-vacation updates

Hey!!!! I know I’m slacking some. 
However vacation has been a roller coaster as I said in my previous post. 

We are truly having a blast summering in Seattle…
Here are a few shots from our ferry ride into downtown this past week. 

Not every day has been sunshine & rainbows but I am certainly feeling blessed that we were able to come up here for such an extended period. Have we seen everyone as much as we’d like to? Not yet… but we still have 2 more weeks so hopefully there will be a few more encounters with our friends/family and lots more fun!! 

The kiddos are doing great most days. 

Lucas has changed so much in the past month! I plan to get on it and do a 3 month update very soon! Cross your fingers Cash will actually nap today so it can happen 🙂
Cash is doing better than I thought he would. Some days he struggles. Whether it’s not with not having as much undivided attention or flat out fighting a nap. Things can turn from sweet to sour pretty darn quick. We joke quite a bit that he is just like the sour patch kids commercials. But seriously I’m not sure it’s a joke hahaha.  

Bedtime for both seems to work best when we divide & conquer. Cash takes his time but he cooperates really well for Brad and I can have Lucas asleep in almost no time at all. I think we all look forward to our own beds in a few weeks. 

For now let the adventure continue! Cause summers are for extras right… negotiating one more episode of PAW Patrol, desserts and sweets and treats, staying up way too late (probably cause of all that sugar), feeding your little brother coffee, sneaking chips all day at a party then refusing dinner, convincing mom & dad to let you stay at or go with grandma(s) and all the other really fun stuff!

Hope you enjoyed all the photos!! More to come soon! 
Have a great weekend!!!

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