Muffins: Cheating, Convenience, or just plain Delicious

I posted this photo to Instagram yesterday morning

and had lots of requests for the recipe… I’m gonna be totally honest. I cheated a touch. Don’t be upset!
I used a boxed mix for my gluten-free base. It’s a mix I always keep on hand so that I can make up muffins quick if I don’t have the time to sort through all my recipes and find the really good healthy ones. No I wasn’t asked to endorse them but I’m definitely giving this brand a big thumbs up!!

So far we’ve had lots of success with their products and this mama loves the convenience these days.
One thing I was wrong on it that they’re sugar free. Sadly, this particular mix isn’t.
What I love the most about this King Arthur Flour mix… it is a plain simple mix. No foo foo stuff. You can add any mix-ins you’d like to create the best muffins. So far I’ve done berries, nuts, chocolate, spices and even essential oils (lemon & orange). It calls for 3 eggs, milk & oil or butter.
Instead I substitute, I use the eggs, coconut/almond milk and coconut oil every time.
They always turn out yummy!

For yesterdays creation I went with cinnamon in the batter & a touch of stevia sprinkled on the top then swirled. This gave them a delicious snickerdoodle flavor.
Of course I spaced on taking a photo once they were out of the oven but here is an old photo of the same mix with blueberries added in.

Give it a try! No gluten, wheat and completely customizable to your liking!! 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! 
I’m off pickup Cash from preschool and then it’s naps for everyone! 
Happy Tuesday!
Bye for Now!

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