Cash goes to Preschool

I’m still not completely sure that I’m ready for this one.
Cash started Preschool today.

He really was excited… a little unsure but no fussing or crying about going. He actually hardly said bye to us. Pretty sure the only reason I didn’t start bawling was that I had Brad with me. He cracked just the right amount of jokes to distract me from letting the tears flow.

In the 3 hours without him it was seriously too quiet. 
I may have arrived to pick him up 15 minutes early. 
Partly because I wanted to spy, partly because I really missed him. 

He was silent for the drive home. 
A little extra cuddly but he slowly warmed back up to us and said he had fun at preschool. 
Here’s to a new chapter…. Cash starting school!
Excited to see what this brings us!
Have a wonderful day!

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