Goodbye Summer

I truly can’t believe how quickly this Summer has gone by. 
Today is the official last day of the season and Arizona is trying just a little bit to fool us into believing Fall will start tomorrow. We are only in the high 70’s today with heavy clouds and promises of rain showers tonight! So for today I can wear long sleeves and lay around with napping kiddos thinking of leaves changing (in other states) & yummy pumpkin things!
I have hopes that in the next few weeks I’ll get the chance to break out boots (which will make hubby groan a bit lol) just not this weekend since the weather report is promising triple digits.
Looks like we shall be kicking off Fall with a bit more pool time this weekend!
We were so very lucky to have the chance to live in Washington for a big chunk of this summer. 

It was fun but challenging because our kiddos are so young. Change is tough for toddlers which made things tougher on mommy & daddy. I truly hope in years to come we will attempt it again. I know as the boys get older it will be easier and we can fill it full of fun activities rather than stressful nap schedules, crying kids at dinner & toddler defiance. Don’t get me wrong overall we really had a great time. And it was a blessing to have all of the family around to help us with the kids. Along with being out of the crazy Arizona heat. I am sure now that we’ve experienced it, we can think of 100 ways to “do it better” the next time around. 

As we transition into a new season I will miss seeing our family in Washington as much. 

But that just makes the upcoming holiday season that much more exciting!
I am fully looking forward to playing outside as much as possible! 
Not only trips to the park, but walking Cash to preschool and playing in our backyard at night. I can’t wait to have the patio doors open without worrying that we’re running up an air conditioning bill. 
Football all weekend long. Going to Cardinals & Seahawks games this year. 
Halloween with 2 boys! 
The possibility of putting in a pool of our own. 
Family visiting for the holidays. A bit of travel for me, the kids & Brad too.
It’s going to be a jam packed season!
I’m also very excited to see the brotherly bond starting to form between these two. Slowly but surely Cash is wanting to play with Lucas. It makes me so very happy to watch this transition. 
It’s bound to be a Fall full of fun as they both grow like crazy weeds!

Tonight we say goodbye to you summer!
With so much to look forward to… Bring it on Fall!

Bye for Now!

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