5 Months // Lucas

Another month older… I’m seriously sitting here trying to figure out what happened to the month of September? I mean we have another week but really?  It’s almost time to start planing Halloween costumes {eeek, I should get on that}! On the first day of Fall, my baby boy is 5 months old today…


Lucas Gunner is the most curious little boy! Putting anything & everything he can get his hands on directly into the mouth. Rolling all over the place. And starting to really push with those knees. I have no doubt he’ll be trying to crawl by 6 months (if not sooner). Little man has so much personality already. Wanting to be involved with whatever is going on. Don’t leave his sight cause he will let you hear it. With such a chatty big brother he is finding a voice very quick. I love all of the squawks, squeaks and even the yells. I think he sounds like a baby dinosaur haha.


Sleep is still a little off. I think this may partially be mommies fault. His schedule is out of whack no matter how hard I try something always comes up/happens/seems to divert the plan.
On a perfect day he is taking two naps a day (although occasionally its 2/3 short ones and one long one). Then at night we start bath time around 7:30 so that he is in bed by 8/8:30 at the latest. This way he seems to thrive the best. Sleeping until 4am and after a quick feeding he’s back to sleep until 8am. If the bath is skipped or we try to late I’m in for it. Silly me knows this… babies, toddlers, all kids love a schedule! Stick to the plan Mom!

If you couldn’t tell by all those yummy rolls and chunky thighs… He loves food! After a few attempts spaced out over the last month this Sunday we had huge success with pureed carrots. Lil man has been eyeing my food for weeks and he’s now grabbing the spoon ready to eat the real stuff! Of course he’s still breastfeeding 4-6x a day/night. I’m excited for him to join us at the dinner table!

He’s getting stronger & stronger each day! Pushing off of things, wanting to stand when you hold his hands. And really getting a feel for what all of his extremities do. It is such a joy seeing the light in your little ones eyes as he discovers himself and the world around him!




 Here’s to another month of growing little boy! We love you more than you’ll ever know!
Stay tuned for so more catch up, recipes, and our life lately!!
Bye for Now!
Happy Fall to All!!


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