Happy Fri-YAY

Woo Hoo for the weekend. 
We’ve had so so much happen the last 2 weeks. I know I keep saying you’re gonna see 
recipes. updates. catchups. etc…
but hey life is getting in the way, no seriously not an excuse
A broken dryer (for 2 weeks). Maintenance/contractors/home people traipsing through every other day {or so it seems}. Plenty of kid time/playdates/preschool. A super terrible (well for me) dentist appointment this morning. Plus the usual daily stuff. you know life it’s in the way. 
When I actually do catch thing up {one day} part of this post is going to seem super strange. Ah well
here are a few recent pictures 
One of these days I’ll really get it together and upload the fancy shots off of my new camera. 
but first I should probably take a intro to photography class so I don’t scare you off!
This weekend will be filled with fun! 
My mom flys in tonight and we plan on doing a bunch of nothing mixed with some me pampering, date night, daddy alone time and she gets a dose of grandkids. 
Here’s to photos and more details {like what we actually do} soon. 
I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing weekend planned! 
bye for now

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