Happy 1/2 Birthday Lucas!!

Lucas Gunner is 6 Months Old Today!!!
I’m feeling a little bad that I forgot cupcakes (so Cash & I could celebrate) 
but hey… we seem to have a lot going on these days! 
Here are some extra cute photos from today’s check up!

Height/Length: 26 inches   
Weight: 18lbs 10oz
Head Circ: 43.2 cm

Little Chunk is doing great! In comparison to his older brother at this age {cause you know I had to pull out his 6 month stats too} He is only 2 inches shorter,  Just shy of 3 lbs lighter and the exact same head size. So I guess that means he really is the “little” brother {insert laughing emoji} 

Eating: He loves food! Like pretty much everything so far is a hit. We get an occasional face but his hunger seems to win out and he’ll end up eating whatever I am spooning towards his mouth. So far it consists of Rice Cereal, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Spinach, Peas, Avocado, Pears, and Puffs {which he loves to feed himself}. He’s also attempted to steal pretty much everything I eat and whatever big brother leaves lying around. 

Milestones: He is scooting/crawling. Mostly scoot. It’s pretty cute to see his little army crawl. We had about 2 weeks of rocking and attempts and then it was on. He can no longer just lay on the couch or in the middle of the floor. Tiny, Stealthy army crawling gets him to the other side of the room within seconds {or minutes depending on how determined he’s feeling}. He also laughs, yells, makes faces, lots of raspberries and tongue sticking out, and adores his big brother. 

Wearing: 6 months-9 months clothes. I mean c’mon do you expect anything less from my well-fed, chunky babies? I do want to document that we’ve had to purchase some warm weather clothing & pjs in these sizes. Hubby was so pumped that it was another boy so no shopping… wrong. I have tons of tank tops and shorts in 6-9months, not so much in the flannel and long sleeves. Opposite seasons folks. Bring on the holiday sales!! 

Sibling Status: Each Day I see the brotherly bond growing just a little bit more. Cash may not have been thrilled with sharing Mommy & Daddy at first but he’s getting there. I love the little moments when they play together!! 

I’m sure it helps to see Lucas starting to move and be a tad more independent. But goodness he can slow it down for mommies sake. 

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