Goodbye to you…

I swear I’m not being dramatic cause I’ve got a really amazing new (since December) vehicle that I’m driving around and loving all of the bells, whistles, & just plain space. But today was a touch sad for me as I said goodbye to my very first big adult purchase. You may have seen on Instagram, we sold my Subaru. It was only my second car. The first one that I picked out, purchased (with Dad’s help as a co-signer cause you know college graduates have no credit), and then paid for in full. It’s been paid off since May and pretty much just sitting in our driveway since before then. It was time to let her go… And I’m glad that I found an exchange student who needs it! I hope she loves it as much as I did!

Now we have a little extra cash in our pocket… more space in our driveway… and a very nice PHD student from China has a really great car to drive while she is here. All I have left to do is sit around at the DMV on Monday morning! 
After we have a relaxing evening and then a fun family Sunday tomorrow of course 🙂
Isn’t being an adult fun?!

Happy Saturday friends!!

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