Halloween 2015

You could say this years Halloween was just a little bit off for us. It seemed to show up out of nowhere. I swear yesterday was the first and today is the 31st. Note to self: Stop over-planning/scheduling {yeah right}. 

Cash wasn’t one bit excited about wearing his costume {that he picked out for them}
Even with the dramatics him & his brother we’re very cute Monsters!

Yet he would watch Mickey’s Monster Musical on repeat all day if we let him. He also was totally behind the concept of Candy… all. month. long. {if we let him}. 
On Friday we tried a little trick or treating at preschool. Lots of tears until he saw candy & a dog.

Lucas on the other hand didn’t seem to mind the costume one bit! 
He was all about it and the pumpkins.

Cash was all about decorating his pumpkin as long as he didn’t have to touch the insides.
Our finished group this year… 

Lucas and I made a salt-dough pumpkin to match the one Cash and I did on his 1st Halloween

Next year I have high hopes …. you know family costume, more themed foods throughout the month, lots of dress up to get him ready & Cash actually saying trick or treat while we’re out hitting up houses for candy. Although I still can’t get over how cute he was when we walked back inside our house & he got his costume off, He looked right at Gran-Wen and said “I had fun trick or treating” Crazy kid loves getting candy just don’t make him wear something on his head! 
this is real life… what is your problem bro? hahaha
Even with the costume dramatics we managed to have some fun! Can’t wait to oneway introduce Cash to the type of Halloween I grew up with. Lots more scary but just as much candy! 
Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!!
I love seeing all the little ones in their cute costumes!
Goodnight friends!

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