christmas morning

This week I’ve been waking up before the house so of course today is no exception. 
These quiet calm hours before the children are up are so nice. I think this just may become my thing. It’s wonderful to have a little time to reflect, relax and get my brain going before I have to “adult”. Plus I can slowly catch up on my blog updates. One day I’ll get it all together. 

On to Christmas …

I’m very excited to see Cash’s reaction this year! We had decided to not get the giant wow gift for him after the birthday and all of the other stuff under the tree. But of course last night at 8pm we are all talking about Santa & Ruldoph coming, hoping to get Cash to bed when we ask him “Cash what is Santa going to bring you, what did you ask him for?” He told us all… A new car. Brad and I looked at each other in panic and then I quickly checked Targets Christmas Eve hours. When you send Daddy on the last minute Santa errand he goes big! I’m so ready to see his face when he discovers that Santa delivered.

Being his very first year I figure Lucas will get really into the wrapping paper and boxes which will be equally exciting for us all. His curious little 8 month self will probably be crawling all over helping us all to open and wanting to be held. He’s eating us out of the house these days so I won’t be surprised if he loses interest and decides he needs to eat instead. haha.

I really had a lot of fun thinking of gifts this year. I might be the most excited to see my husbands reaction to everything. He’s certainly going to be surprised since he gave me zero ideas this year. Poor guy is working so hard lately I know he was struggling to balance the holidays showing up so fast and his wonderful new opportunity. But I’m proud of him! These crazy days, the travel & endless phone calls mean that we are blessed with a new big chance.

We’re so lucky this holiday, to have my parents here and Brad’s parents right up the street.  It’s a great feeling for the boys to have all their grandparents around. We love the extra hands to keep the kids entertained and I know they love to see the boys experience the magic.

As I lay on the couch sipping my coffee, camera ready I feel grateful for my family and friends. 
We may not see them as much as I’d like but I love them you all dearly & think of you often. Be safe this holiday and hug your loved ones close.
now I will close the computer and relax while the house wakes up… 
A very Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Birthday Jesus!!! 

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