On a Thursday…

Woke up this morning around 8am wondering why the kids were still sleeping, I opened our bedroom door to a wave of heat. Walked out to see that it was 81 degrees in the living room, No matter what I tried the screen wouldn’t light up. As I checked on the kiddos, Lucas was snoring & Cash was playing quietly in nothing but a diaper, of course. 

Apparently our thermostat was just broken.

Thank goodness for Chas Roberts having an opening today. We now have a fancy control from your phone touchscreen thermostat and my house is starting to cool off.

In other news this week, the kids jack-n-jill bathroom has the toilet in the bathtub. That project was supposed to be finished today… they decided to push it off till Friday. Luckily we are attempting to potty train {insert sarcasm}. 
When it rains it pours, no literally, for 4 days straight. Are we sure we’re still in Arizona??

Due to the excess rain, our swimming pool project is currently at a standstill. I mean if you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen it’s filling with water but the pebble tech has to wait until it drys out. And all of the trenches they filled last week are reappearing as the ground settles. So no backyard playing for Cash. It’s an adventure really. 

On the up side Brad is home for next next 4 days so I’m sure we’ll have some extra shenanigans and lots of “hey, hey daddy come sit down.” “hey, hey daddy come play” “hey daddy, wanna watch something?” “beeeeeddd” Cash just adores having him home and when he gets sick of daddy he says ridiculous things like, “daddy go to the airport” {facepalm. this kid makes us laugh so much}  

Hoping to catch up on a little blogging over the next few days but if I don’t get to it I’m sure to have next Monday & Tuesday available while the kids are sleeping. 
Inevitably I will get back to blogging regularly!  We just have too much good stuff going on these days that I definitely don’t want to ever forget! 
Stay tuned for more new recipes, essential oils updates, some crafty ideas, and of course lots and lots of little boy cuteness. 

Now I’m off to get Cash from preschool & hit the grocery store.
Have a wonderful day friends.
And if you’re in Arizona, stay dry!


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