It’s been quite awhile since I’ve kept up regularly with this thing. I have high hopes of changing that this year. As the end of January nears we seem to be getting into a better routine yet I still haven’t been able to update. sigh. There is no time like today, right! 

Eating: currently I’m on second cup of coffee, 2nd bottle of water and I’ve had 1/2 an apple. After this I’ll pick up Cash from preschool & have real lunch! 
Thinking About: if they’ll be able to fix my washer today (can we just take a minute to notice that the crappy things seem to happen around here on Thursdays?? Seriously our thermostat broke on a thursday just 2 weeks ago). when I’m going to find time to file the giant stack of papers on my desk. that it’s my close friends 30th birthday & I failed to plan an outing with her (which i’m going to make up for in February). 
Listening To: silence. which is quiet lovely actually. (Cash is at preschool, Lucas is getting a quick nap in)
Watching: nothing consistent right now. T.V. has gone out the window for the most part. the kids have been going to sleep early lately so, Hubby & I have been catching up on new movies that we missed in theatre (The Martian, Straight Outta Compton) It’s nice to have a quiet house by 7:30/8pm
Feeling Thankful For: Brad being able to not travel this week. I think we were all starting to struggle with how much he had to be gone. It’s all for a great opportunity so we are powering through. But this week has been so very wonderful!!
Working On: Getting our house back to organized and starting a couple of new projects. Now that the holiday blur is over it is time to get back to normal around here. 
Loving: This new season with the kids! They are so amazing to watch grow & learn. Not only individually but together as well. It’s really cute to see their brotherly bond strengthen a little more each day. 
Bummed Out On: The fact that I haven’t made time to get inside a gym. I’m seriously missing having muscle. But at least I know I can fix that, just need to get myself in gear and make the time for it! 
Wondering: If I’m actually going to be able to build this blog up this year. Cause trust me the struggle is real. But I have some new ideas and plans for carving out a little more time. Can you say quiet early mornings? A momma can hope!
Up & coming excitement: We leave for Hawaii in 6 days! Very excited to see how Cash reacts to this visit. And to do some serious relaxing. I’m also super excited to start a detox when we get home from vacation.    

Exciting Cash news… He ate Mac & Cheese for the very first time last night… And LOVED it!!
Asked for more even. I am so excited that he’s starting to try foods for me again.
I’m pretty sure it helps that little brother will eat whatever we put in front of him.
Seriously Lucas ate sauerkraut and loved it. He’s basically a tiny garbage disposal. 

Looks like it’s time to go pick up Cash. Stayed tuned for even more this weekend. Even a couple of recipes before we leave next week! 

Have a wonderful day friends! 

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