Sh*t Cash Says… i.e. Toddler Tales

Cash seems to be getting smarter & smarter these days.
I love how much he communicates with us. Watching him learn new words is pretty awesome.
But sometimes the stuff that comes out of his mouth is downright hilarious.
“out of the mouths of babes right”

I have decided it’s very much worth documenting. And when Lucas starts saying more than “da-da” & “la-la” I just know things are only going to get funnier around here!

Here are a few gems from the month of January!!

Preschool is teaching him how to be very respectful to others. He says “excuse me” whenever someone is in his way or he walks by to get around you. He also has said to me… 
“Hey, Mrs. Mama will you (insert request like get me a snack, come here & play, etc)”
at least we’re being respectful & learning manners.

The one I still can’t get past is when he yells across the house or just says to get my attention 

“Hey Jennifer”  excuse me kid? That’s Mama to you

While in the Kohls dressing room with both kids I’m trying on shorts for our upcoming vacation. Cash says to me, “I’m gonna spank your booty Mama” uh… insert lots of laughter 
Cash loves to play with his Daddy. But being the finicky 3 year old he is sometimes he’d rather not. More than one occasion he’s told Brad “Daddy go to your office” or even told me “Mommy go sit on the couch” when he’d rather play with daddy. Getting a little bit bossy, that one. 

While in Washington last week, Cash was exploring stuff around my parents house when he noticed the shark paintings in the pool room. He stared at them for a while before stating…
Cash: “Mommy the sharks gonna roar” 
Me: “well buddy I don’t think sharks roar” 

Cash: “don’t be silly Mom” 

Picked Cash up from preschool on a Tuesday. We load into the car and I pull out of our parking spot and turn out of the lot. Cash says “Mom, hit the speed” I just started laughing & figured he’s been listening to closely to daddy. (I have since figured out that he actually learned this one from the cartoon Blaze & the Monster Machines that he loves)
We were out running errands the usual stops, bank, grocery store maybe target. It was a rainy day and Brad had been gone for almost a week. Cash is quiet when all of a sudden he blurts out, “My feet are so dangerous” Ok then. I didn’t even know how to respond. All I could say was “really?”& just smile.
My proudest Mama moment these days is probably hearing him be so sweet to his little brother. Each night before I take Lucas out of the bath Cash says “nih night brother” On the 29th of Dec. he added all by himself “nih night brother, I love you” (awww insert all the heart eyes and grab me a kleenex)

Hope you all enjoy these as much as we do!
Can’t wait to make this a thing & share more next month.

Have a great weekend!

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