Playroom Makeover

A couple of weeks ago I realized I was bored with things in our house. Or maybe I was just itching for a new project. I woke up one morning and started cleaning/reorganizing stuff in our kitchen. Seriously Brad wasn’t even out of bed yet. So when he did come out for coffee, he got a fun surprise!

Voila! Coffee Bar!
Since I don’t have a space for a separate hutch or bar cart I decided this space is as good as any. 
I am still searching for the perfect “signage” to hide the cords & phone jack. 
Along with the perfect plants to go around the baby wipes that are required in my kitchen for probably the next 3-5 years. Especially on the low counter so Cash can grab them himself. 
{my kid is kinda a clean freak like Mommy}
I’m hitting that point where I’m sick of the extra stuff. I don’t want to end up with extra piles and piles of things we think we may need but never actually touch again. If you know my family you know this is my potential future and the organized clean freak in me is panicking at this thought. Don’t get me wrong, some things should be held onto for years and years and years, memories ya know. But within reasonable moderation. I intend to clean out the garage and every single cabinet/closest/random box in our house over the upcoming weeks and months. 
Anyway, After this little kitchen change it was onto another room in the house. 
The kids playroom!
If you have children you already know that they tend to acquire stuff
Every time we picked up or even when we were playing I couldn’t help but think, this is all starting to pile up a bit. So, now seemed as great a time as any to create some extra storage and improve on the functional space that we already have set aside for them. 
It seems to help (or maybe Mr. Peach would say it’s not helpful for the wallet) that I follow a few home decor instagram accounts so ideas are bursting out all the time. But seriously I went into this with fairly clear vision for the color scheme (simple & clean), the decor (cute, kid-like & functional) & the added storage I was looking for (can you say shelves). Also I’ve been dying to spruce up some of our current kids stuff, throw out broken stuff and just rearrange the whole thing.  
Here is pre-makeover… not bad just a lot of unused space. We have high ceilings and a nice big wall.

First up was a fresh coat of paint for our Ikea kids table. I left it plain originally cause I wasn’t quite sure where it’s home would be and what look I wanted for it. Now the dirty fingerprints have taken over the natural wood look and black seemed like my best option! I had the cutest helper outside. *Don’t worry he stayed far away while I spray painted & he wore proper safety gear. 

This was a two day process. A day to prime & paint. Overnight dry. Reassemble & return it inside to its new home. By the photo proof you can see the kids approve of the makeover. Cash was pretty funny cause he wouldn’t touch it at first. He kept telling Lucas “no brother it’s wet” after I reassured him that it’s all dry now & ok to sit on. He touched it gingerly, got a huge smile saying, “thanks Mama! I love it”. Oh how sweet you are little boy! Please always be so grateful for the little things. 
Next up shelving. Brad was a little mystified why I chose a Saturday morning to put up shelves because we have all week to do things. But hey that’s what weekends are for right? Even if you’re able to stay at home it just seems like the best day for home projects is Saturday. 
Of course my cute helpers were following me around, watching everything I did. Cash even grabbed matching tools & helped by handing me screws. Makes my heart happy that he’s just like me at times. 
did I mention I also needed some shelving for my office corner… I mean why not while I’m at it!
Now all the art supplies have a place in the playroom up away from tiny hands. But easily accessible for our craft time & learning time. 
After all this I took a few days to adjust to the changes & decide my next step. Plus you know life. Preschool, Mr. Peach traveling, the kids needing attention (insert crazy face laughing emoji)
The following Friday morning while tiny one was napping, the 3yr old was with Gram & I had some quiet I got out the paint and touched up the entire house. Especially the playroom. It was more than in need. Public Service Announcement * check if your builder uses flat paint* I’ve mentioned this before but seriously it’s the worst idea ever with small kids (or even clumsy adults) you barely touch a wall and it will leave a giant scuff, gouge, ridiculously large mark… you get the idea. Semi-gloss people, semi-gloss. 

Next up was a “quick” trip to IKEA for some additions to the new gallery wall a clock, some book shelves, also a pool umbrella (best price I’ve found yet) and of course a frozen yogurt cone for the boys to share after we shopped. It was their first one ever & a huge hit! surprise surprise.
A little late night photo hanging & here you are! 
All finished. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. 
And Cash is very excited about ‘his’ new clock!
I still have a few more ideas but it’s nothing too crazy. Possibly a low chalkboard right on the wall, some new art supplies so we can attempt to have learning time every morning & a cute round rug or maybe just a mat for under the table so my carpet can be preserved. But for now this room is finished, so that leaves me to the process of cleaning out stuff from everywhere else. Next up the single garage space. Wish me luck! We have bulk trash coming next week, neighbors you can expect a big pile out in front of our house! 
Off to enjoy the rest of our morning before hubby gets back from his latest business trip. Cash & I have a little date at the train park today and Lucas gets some solo grandparent time! We have lots coming up… park playdates, the backyard getting finished, more travel for the Mr., and even a Papa & Grammy B visit next weekend! Exciting stuff! So I’ll be back to update soon!
Bye for Now!

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