bye tuesday

At this point, the fact that today is coming to a close is not upsetting me one bit.
It started out so great… up early with Lucas, got Cash to preschool, Lucas to GramWens, I went to the gym (for the first time in over 10 months, yay me), got home & showered, picked up Cash, then Lucas and home for lunch. Next up lots of play time, a nap for Lucas, Cash & I watched part of Finding Nemo then the grandparents picked him up to take him to dinner with them. All good & wonderful things… and that is where my day turned.
Stupid little frustrating things. An entire post wordy, lengthy post gone. I typed an entire post during nap time (being extra productive with my time) and it has vanished, failed to save, poof. I could probably continue but well… you get the idea.
Then Cash gets home and has yet another accident in the bathroom cause he can’t get his pants down quick enough. We do so great most of the time but for some reason he keeps fighting us and having an accident at home on the way to the potty every couple of days. While cleaning up the mess I shut Lucas out, so he melts down (cause he’s tired & wants to be where we are).
Next up bath time, all seems well until I crack my head on the door handle while standing up to fast. So a nice bump, screaming baby & a toddler who doesn’t want to get out of the tub was my situation.
Thank goodness Daddy heard the commotion and came to rescue me. He gave Lucas a bottle & put him to sleep while I got Cash ready for bed.
I’m trying to remind myself that this isn’t that bad… I know it’s not but see, the pain in my skull is making the loss of post so much more frustrating. I’m sure after a good nights sleep I’ll be over it.
Let’s be honest today was really a wonderful day.
Tiny one is standing/walking more & more


I managed to get gas for under a dollar
The gym was really great! I love that I’m already feeling a little sore.
And it’s International Women’s Day



So with that I’m looking on the bright side. Tomorrow is a new day! Sorry for all the complaining. But hey… this is my record of our life right. The bad, good, & everything else is what you get!
Lots of new things to share soon as long as I can remember to save what I type! 🙂
Hope you’re having a wonderful evening!
Bye for now


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