what no one tells you about parenting boys

I absolutely love following other bloggers. maybe because most of them have it together a bit more than me and they post regularly {meaning more than once a week}.

Or it’s just the insight from other moms/parents that confirms I’m doing just fine at this mom thing.

One blogger I love in particular is Lauren at The Military Wife & Mom
I read her stuff fairly regularly.
I even find  myself skimming through her archives to see what I missed before I became a “frequent follower”  Today I came across this and I just loved it.

Cash has been jumping & climbing on everything. Testing me with his whiny voice & even throwing things when he doesn’t get his way. He has regressed a little with the potty training but so far today is accident free (so I’m celebrating the small victory right now).
Lucas is following big brother and trying all the same things. Except the whine… he just screams when he wants something and let me tell you it’s the shrillest scream ever.

I’ve set some goals for us this week. Mostly for me so that I can keep my sanity but also to ensure that I am the best Mom to them I can be. I also found this post last week and it spoke to my soul. No joke as I sat reading the words about filling my own cup and making time for me I realized yes! The only way I can really care for them is to make sure that I’m cared for. Which don’t get me wrong I’ve got the best 3 boys around looking out for me and loving me… What I’m not doing is making time for regular workouts, scheduling mommy dinner dates or nights out, and taking advantage of our possible babysitters so I can get an hour of solo grocery shopping (or just a manicure). After reading that post last week I did a much better job of planning some time just for me and not feeling the least bit guilty about it!

Kids are a challenge but they are worth every tough day! Dont forget to sit and soak in the crazy every once in a while. The days are long but the years are short…

Happy Monday!

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