Our week: Sensory Play, 1st Haircut & then some.

Today was the day I finally realized just how far behind I let this little blog get. I mean 35 drafts eek. The majority of them are back dated to November & December which really makes me flinch. I have hopes of getting it together and updated but for now I think I’ll focus on posting the current stuff!

Here’s a little week recap for you! We mostly hung out at home. Tiny one had that fever for 3 days so it kept us fairly housebound. I think the extra rest was good for all of us!
Some outside play and a couple of new indoor play activities kept Cash from getting stir crazy.

This colored barley gave us hours of fun and it was so easy to make!!
I just portioned out uncooked barley into 3 plastic bags, added some gel food coloring, let Cash mix it and then left it to dry overnight. Gave it a day in the pan to really dry out and then let each kid go to town. Lucas of course loved spreading it everywhere. So once he went to bed I put it all back into the pan. The next day Cash sat quietly for almost 30 minutes scooping it and pouring it out of different kitchen containers. I’m not sure my OCD can handle the 11mo old playing with it but it’s perfect for the 3 year old to learn more about textures, measuring and weight. I tossed it out yesterday but I’m wishing I had put some into a bottle and glued it shut for Lucas to shake around. Guess I’ll be making this again in the future!

 Of course during all of little brothers sleeping off his sick, we fit in some painting!!

Yesterday after preschool I took the boys to get haircuts. Crazy enough that is one of Cash’s favorite things to go do. This was Lucas’ very first experience & he rocked it! His little baby hairs are now all even and let’s be honest, he now looks so much older than Mama is ready for. But he’s adorable and I really love not having to brush it out of his face every other minute.
Here are some obligatory 1st Haircut ever photos! Enjoy the cuteness. 

Happy Friday Friends! 
We’ve got a busy day planned. Friends over, a library trip with GranWen, lots of crafting for the upcoming party and Daddy babysitting while Mommy has a little Girls Night Out dinner. 
Hope you all have a fun weekend! 
Be back soon!

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