Cauli-fredo & Zoodles

Hello Friends! Happy Monday!

I’m back with a new recipe to share with you today… So many of us are striving for that bikini bod before summer hits (lets be honest it’s already here in Arizona), we are struggling to find that creative spark for changing up the meals we cook for our family each week, or we’re just trying to sneak a few more veggies into our kiddos so they stay healthy… No matter what your angle is they all are great! A healthier you, healthier tiny humans and a new exciting dinner option… All wins in my book.

This one is fairly simple with just a little prep. Overall it took me a total of 20 minutes to prep & put on the table last night. To be 100% honest with you my kids were not excited at all when they saw what I put in front of them but over here we are on day 3 of daddy traveling, a teething toddler & a sleep deprived, testing his independence threenager. So with all that against us I was impressed Cash dipped some noodles in the sauce after extensive coaxing and Lucas dove in once I re-arranged the food presentation on his tray into a face-stuffing finger friendlier option.

With that I give you our dinner from last night… complete with recipes & additional add on ideas.

Cauli-fredo Sauce
Prep: About 15 minutes
Source: Originally I googled it, then I added my own twist(s)
1 head of cauliflower, cored & chopped into chunks
2 Tbsp. olive oil
1 Cup Chicken Broth
1/4 Cup Coconut Milk
3Tbsp shredded parmesan (optional but it definitely gives it the “alfredo” flavor)
Salt/Pepper to Taste
pinch of nutmeg
Additionally, I add onion powder or a minced shallot. And garlic. 

1. Put your cauliflower in a glass bowl with water and cover. Then steam in microwave for approx 10 minutes. Your other option is to bowl it of course but I was opting for easy last night.
2. Once the cauliflower is fork tender drain excess liquid and put into a food processor. Add in all other ingredients (chicken broth, coconut milk, spices, garlic, shallots, part cheese) Then blend till creamy. 

The truth about this one is its all about timing. Since zoodles (in case you weren’t sure these are zucchini noodles. Using this fancy tool you can twist a few zucchinis into a bowl of “noodles” it’s so great) take about 3 mins and the sauce is nice and warm once blended together you can actually have it all completed at the same time in less than 20 minutes. Heres how…
First, I get out all my ingredients. Then I chop up anything that needs to be chopped (extra veggies, meat, zoodles made).  Next, I start the water boiling. Get my cauliflower into steam and start to sauté any meat or extra veggies. While the cauliflower steams you even have time to grill chicken if you’re feeling feisty. Then it’s a matter of adding your sauce ingredients to the food processor, hitting blend and dumping the zoodles into the boiling water and finishing off your sauté (tonight I chose chicken sausage, brussel sprouts and garlic cloves). Drain the “noodles” and plate it all up. Then Enjoy!! 

See what I mean… Easy! 
Plus its nice and versatile. Switch the sausage for chicken, the brussel sprouts for broccoli and you’ve got a veggie filled twist on a classic. Or just make the sauce to pour over roasted veggies (YUM).
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 
Be back soon with some kid updates, more recipes and our life lately. 
Bring on Monday! 

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