Sponge Water Bombs

Yesterday morning Cash was still a grandma & grandpas and Lucas down for his nap so I started to clean out a few things and continue the “closest” organizing. It seems to be a never ending project no matter how many times I go through things. But thankfully each time stuff gets a bit more organized and I manage to find all sorts of ‘things’ over again! Especially the stuff I’ve set aside for future projects. You know those days/nights where you get lost pinteresting (as my husband calls it)… They seem to happen to me often. I pin a bunch of ideas for the house, the kids, recipes and crafty things that look fun to try. Then every so often I go through them and write myself a list so I can gather up what I need to actually do them. I buy whatever I’m missing and set at least half of it aside for a later date when I have time for a project. This can work for me & against my organizing goals. But it sure is nice to have something fun to pull out for us to do on a slow day. Cash loves getting his tools out and helping me hang up a new shelf, decoration or those metal letters that I bought at Junk in The Trunk that I finally managed to get up in their rooms yesterday. It’s really neat to see my ideas come to life even if it’s months later… Our home really is one big ongoing project!
I also pin lots of kids crafts, learning games & new activities. I totally love being a pinterest/crafty mom! No I don’t have new ideas for every single day but it’s nice to try something new about once a week. We encounter the occasional dud but for the most part they’ve all been fun! Quite a few have become weekly staples like glow baths & pipe cleaners in the colander for easy fine motor skills entertainment.

Today I’d love to share with you the details on my recent find. Well I actually found it last summer, bought the sponges and then put them in a drawer since Lucas was so little and we spent most of the summer traveling. This year we plan to be home a little more and the boys love doing things together. I seem to look at water balloons every time I’m at Target but I’m really dreading the clean up and watching Lucas like a hawk to make sure he doesn’t attempt to test if they’re edible. Plus those suckers can hurt the little ones if they get flung to hard. These little sponge bombs are the perfect solution to reusable, toddler friendly and mess free water fun! They take less than 5 minutes to make. And I’m super excited for the boys to try them out this afternoon! 

I know there are about a million different ways to make these. You can take your pick just by typing sponge water bombs into the pinterest search. But here is the way I choose. It seems the safest and quickest way to water fun. Here’s how I did it!!
Sponge Water Bombs
You’ll Need: Sponges (3 per bomb), Scissors, and Rubber Bands
First step, Cut your sponges into thirds. 

Next, stack them up. I used 3 sponges per bomb (so 9 pieces)
 For my next attempt I think I’ll mix it up and use 12 pieces for a few to test the difference.
After you stack em just wrap a rubber band around the middle. 
And thats it!! 
With the materials I had on hand I was only able to make four. But trust me I’m headed to the store today to stock up on sponges and make about 15 more! When are you coming over for a water fight??
Happy Memorial Day weekend friends!! 
Enjoy celebrating Americas freedom and those who gave their life for all of us!!
Until next time

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