September: Jenkins Boys

It’s time for a kiddos update!! I know they’re a favorite… I can’t wait to finish up this months kid funnies too! New things happen each day, they both are changing so much, so quickly. We had a checkup for Lucas on Wednesday and when I realized he grew 3 inches in 4 months… talk about crying face. I hope to remember all the moments,  be they good, gross or trying moments. 
Parenting them is such a blessing. 

Cash  // 3 years 9 months

This kid is the sweetest. Yet he also has a sour side. Much like a sour patch kid. So full of personality and he has learned to manipulate adults if you aren’t careful. I swear every day he gets smarter, he’s always listening and already attempting to negotiate to get what he wants. He loves school and all learning. His imagination is through the roof these days. It’s really fun to listen to the things he comes up with. I truly love when he ‘plays’ school and teaches all his toys the things he’s learned at preschool. Recently the love for his daddy has blossomed into an obsession. His concern when daddy isn’t home like he thinks he should be is so adorable and I’m so happy to see him choose to stay/go with daddy somewhere. I admit that when it first started it made me a tiny bit jealous but that lasted .2 seconds as their bond is just too cute. He’s getting better with his eating, some days are terrible but I’m never concerned if he skips a meal because the next day he pretty much eats the fridge clean. The more he tries the more he likes, the battle is getting him to try new things.
Also, he slept from 4pm to 6:30am this morning!! So go away sickness, or should I be thanking it?
Lucas // 17 months

Oh boy. Our baby isn’t so much a baby lately. He’s so full of mischief, spunk, and just plain curiosity. We can’t keep him out of anything, the rate he destroys is just too fast & he’s constantly testing us. His genuinely happy personality shines so bright through those blue eyes. Most days I swear I can see the wheels turning and I just know that he knows how cute he is. The word “No” doesn’t compute in his head. We always have to physically redirect him from the mischief he’s making. He’s also an extremely sweet little boy. He gives the biggest & best hugs. And his open mouth kisses are everything. Each day he’s communicating better than the last, with words, grunts and even a little sign language. He absolutely loves to play catch/fetch with a ball. He will bring you every ball in the house if you let him. He’s really begun to love cars, Mickey Mouse, and tools. Also his dance moves kill me, the single foot tap/stomp is too cute. He will dance to any beat and just loves to clap for himself. Even through the last few days of congestion/sickness he has kept his genuinely happy demeanor.  Still my best eater of the two. He’s all about food!! 
They are both getting along so well (95% of the time). The brother bond is stronger each day and I love seeing Cash looking out for Lucas. Sure they pick on each other relentlessly, hit when they think I’m not looking and try my patience when they join forces but I love each new stage and the challenges they bring. They seriously crack me up when they play, even more when they realize I’m watching and try to act as though they aren’t playing in peace. Together these boys keep us on our toes, teaching us as much about life as we teach them.

**Sorry this is missing photos. It seems that the latest OS update has totally screwed up my uploading photos capabilities. I’m attempting to fix it but so far no luck**

Happy Monday!!

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