Playdates get us through

Let me just tell you that Playdates are a wonderful thing. 
Without them stay at home mamas around the world would go completely crazy. Shoot even working mama’s would go crazy without weekend playdates with friends. Plus, finding new groups of potential friends is so much fun (fyi. I may have just started feeling this way since I turned 30).
I mean at first it’s a bit scary but trust me when I tell you, if a friend invites you to her (church, neighborhood, workout, preschool, random other friends) _____ group, GO FOR IT. It is worth stepping out of your comfort zone (i.e. house) every once in awhile and meeting a new group of woman in the same season of life as you. Added bonus, It’s perfectly acceptable to show up in yoga pants, a stained shirt and messy bun begging for coffee! 95% of the time no one is truly on time. Also, everyone gets when your kid decides to meltdown because they saw a leaf, dropped a goldfish, another kid get a juice box, want their shoes off then back on again (basically insert a ridiculous reason to lose their sh*t here) 
They all get it! Trust me!

The toddler age is a crazy wonderful myriad of emotions that only other parents get. 
You really do need a tribe to raise up your tiny humans in. 
While we have the most amazing family to help us, they aren’t always close by or available. 
It has been a true godsend for me to join up with other Mama’s and get my kiddos out.
They are learning social skills, having so much fun, & I get adult conversation with people who aren’t afraid when I run away to catch my daredevil 18 month old off the top of the play structure because they are right behind me catching theirs.

We are all in this thing called life together, enjoy the moments, create memories and find your tribe!
Friends believe me when I say if you have yet to schedule a playdate this month (or week if you’re a real go-getter) make it happen! You can thank me later.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Bye for now

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