Remember Mama… Messy = Memories

In case you weren’t aware (or you’d just like to commiserate with me) the mess that children are able to make is mind blowing. Don’t believe me, come over & watch my kids, then turn your back for Two point five seconds and they will demonstrate their skills. Trust me.

I mean every single time Lucas eats, it’s like something blew up in my kitchen if it wasn’t so cute to see him shoveling in all that he can cause he just loves food I might be more upset.

Truly, it’s almost impressive that he manages to create a tiny bomb with the smallest plate of food. He can make a stick of celery seem like I’m cleaning up spaghetti & meatballs with extra sauce. 
Some days, I’m not entirely sure that he eats anything except for the fact that his little belly keeps growing and so does his clothing size 🙂

Is it possible to restict my children to outside for all meals, snacks, sips of juice, going potty treats and everything else? Ha Ha! I’m sure I’m feeling this way lately due to daddy being out of town.

Then I take a step back and remember… the Mess = Memories! The kids are busy being messy so they can learn. They are learning to go through life, it’s ok for Mama to let go a little and let them discover with all their senses! You never know what beauty they’ll discover in the mess.

“Children see magic because they look for it.” -unknown

Have a wonderful week friends! More updates soon!

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