What can go wrong, Will go wrong. Poor Cash

Today was a bit of a rough day.
{warning this post contains a gross photo, stop scrolling now if you don’t like injuries, but come back later for future posts}
Last night Cash came to me to show me and ‘ouchie’ on the inside of his lip. It looked like a blister/canker sore. After baths I checked out the back of his throat and started to panic a bit. 
Lots of blisters oh no See about a week ago there was a sign up at preschool saying “1 confirmed case or Hand, Foot & Mouth virus“. insert mom panic. cause ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense in their house! There really wasn’t a rash anywhere else but who knows what this looks like when it’s just starting out. So we decided to skip preschool in the morning and head to the doctors to see just what he had.
Honestly he was happy most of the day. Still playing and singing.
But as the culture confirmed, Cash has strep throat. 
So we stopped at the store for homemade chicken soup fixings, jello, and more popsicles.
Our day really wasn’t too bad lot’s of movies and couch relaxing.
Thanks to grandma for taking Lucas for the day to keep him from being too close to big brother while the antibiotics did their work to make him no longer contagious.
This evening I left to get Lucas from grandmas, with a quick stop at the grocery store for a few things I forgot during the day to make smoothies for immune boosting. 
While there I got a call from hubs. Uh Oh.
Cash has fallen from the stool at the island and split his chin open. Brad got the bleeding to stop but it’s pretty gross and he’s thinking possible stitches. great
 Walking into the house to see blood on the floor, bloody paper towels on the counter and no one around isn’t much fun. I found them laying quietly and poor Cash looked just plain tired. 
I feel for him today. It was rough. Hoping for a less eventful tomorrow and looking forward to a chance for Mommy & Daddy to enjoy a night out. 
this picture is from the day after, when he finally let me clean it out.

 Hope you all had a better Thursday than us!!
bye for now

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