A Simple 1 Pan Dinner

I’ve learned that some days dinner just needs to be easy and the clean up should be even easier. 
This is one of our favorite go-to’s when we want delicious, healthy, versatile & simple.
Thank you Trader Joes (not sponsored) for giving me a dinner that can be made in under 10 minutes!
If you haven’t figured out by now I’m all about options. I love to get creative and change up recipes however I can. Some days it drives my husband crazy {cause I hardly make anything the same way twice} other days he is totally on board for mixing up what we eat. These little gnocchi’s are a favorite with the kids as well. Lucas likes them piping hot, Cash prefers them room temperature or even chilly, Brad & I just love the flavor and the bonus that our kids are eating healthy.
You can add in anything you’d like or even choose to cook up the gnocchi’s as a side dish to compliment. For my easy one pan version you can… Pair it with a nice salad. Some fruit. Warm Bread (if that’s your thing). Or just have them alone.
Tonight I simply went with what we have in the fridge. 
A handful of brussel sprouts, mushroom and some fresh garlic. 
Slice up your favorite sausage. We prefer the chicken apple by Al Fresco. I’ve mentioned it before.

I like to brown up the sausage first. Just to get it started. This brand is already cooked but tastes even better when it’s browned slightly to bring out the apple. 
Next, toss in all of your veggies with a little olive oil and get them started. We prefer just cooked veggies to overdone mush  This way you get all the vitamins and flavor too. 

Once your veggies are almost how you like add the sausage back in.

Let it all start to carmelize a bit and the flavors combine.
Then add in your gnocchi, with a Tbsp of water cover and let it simmer for 4-5 minutes to cook the gnocchi. Stir occasionally. (basically just follow the package directions from there
Serve immediately.

There you have it. Super simple. Full of Flavor. Healthy. And only 1 pan to clean up. 
Give it a try, be creative and tell me what you think!! 
bye for now


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