What’s new Wednesday

hi friends… in case you haven’t seen I’ve been on a roll lately! I’ve managed a whole 5 posts in less than a week. Go Me! At least 3 of them are super backdated but hey, I’m really working to catch this thing up. I may have already mentioned that when on Blogger I managed to start 53 posts and never actually published them. Let me tell you that is a really daunting/terrifying number. Especially for me… I have super OCD, go-getter, cross every task off the to-do list, over-plan and overachieve etc etc etc tendencies. While a tiny part of me really wanted to just wipe the slate clean when I switched over and start fresh I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I feel like I would be cheating. It may take me most of this year to catch up but eventually I will fill in the missing gaps (i.e. Lucas’ monthly updates, birth story and all of the missing memories from 2015-16) Luckily I have plenty of photos to help me do just that. So stay with me I promise to one day reach my goal… and in the meantime I will be updating our current life as well! Cause life never stops!

Whew I think I’m exhausted just reading that game plan. Anyone got a few days to spare to come watch my kids while I attempt… no? Oh well… SuperMom Mode activated. Now, Excuse me while my 4 year old needs me to re-start Moana for the 4th time in 2 days. *kidding* He’s only watched it twice and he actually just went to play outside but I’m sure he’ll get at least 2 more viewings in before our 3 day rental expires. Then I’m definitely going to buy that movie cause it is freaking awesome. I mean storyline, soundtrack & characters all awesome. Disney is really knocking em out of the park lately huh. I’m sure only parents and true Disney fanatics can relate to that. But do yourself a favor if you haven’t seen it, go watch it. You won’t be disappointed unless you just don’t enjoy a feel good movie and at that point I’m pretty sure you’re not enjoying life enough.

So what’s new with us lately… well besides lots of travel. Brad went to Sacramento today he’ll be back tomorrow and then next week we’re off to Nashville (more on that soon). The kids are keeping us/me very busy! Today was their first swim lesson of the Spring. We absolutely loved the session they did at Kim Courtney Swim School last fall so we are back again this year and I can’t wait to see how the boys progress in time for a summer of fun in our own backyard pool.

pure joy
apprehensive but ready to try again

Also lately, Cash is loving taking pictures himself. He has asked for my camera on more than one occasion in the last week alone. Here are a couple of his photography subjects along with one I snapped while he was using our instax mini 8.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tonight I’m trying out a new recipe for the kiddos. My stomach has been a bit off so I’m not sure how much I will eat but I’m excited to share it with you tomorrow either way.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week friends. If you’re in Arizona get outside and enjoy the sunshine!!



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