Homemade Lip Scrub


This morning I quickly whipped up a homemade lip scrub to send half home with my mom and keep the rest here for me. Lately I’m all about lip color. It’s a fun way to feel put together without really trying. I’ve posted a few times on Insta but selfies aren’t really my favorite unless it involves my boys. Hence the weird faces while trying to show color off.

If you aren’t already addicted to the newest lip craze LIPSENSE lipstick/glosses then quick catch up! 😉 It seriously doesn’t come off unless you want it too! I’m not selling it or anything I just fell in love with how soft my lips feel these days because I now take much better care of them. It’s all about the products you use and off course scrubs. Softness always wins, am I right? But even if you just stick to regular ol’ lipstick/gloss/chapstick you should still be exfoliating your lips on a regular basis. Cause you know, aging happens! This easy recipe will work for not only your lips but the rest of your body too. Just x4 or 5 the ingredients if you need enough for your body. You could even add essential oils in for a boost and to make it smell yummier (I’m thinking next time I’ll add in grapefruit or lavender, maybe I’ll just split my batch and do two).

Here is the recipe I used…

1 TBSP Organic Coconut Oil

1 TBSP Organic Honey

2 TBSP Brown Sugar

Directions: in a small bowl mix Coconut oil & honey until it has a smooth rich consistency. Add in 2 firmly packed TBSP brown sugar and mix until completely integrated. Your sugar should be fully coated to create a paste.

Store in a container with a lid and use it often as needed to remove that dry dead top layer. Just apply a small amount to lips in a circular motion and let sit for 1-2 minutes. Then remove with a warm washcloth. So easy!

I promise this took me less than 5 minutes to whip up. Give it a try & let me know what you think!

off to a family birthday party in Mesa. Check back soon for updates on life and backdated posts!! I’ve been late night typing lately attempting to catch up a bit.


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