4 days in Iowa


Each year I try my best to visit one of my closest friends from college, she lives in a small town about 3 hours south of the even smaller town that we went to school at. {honestly if I could I would visit a few other college girlfriends too but you know we’re all adults with busy lives now & live spread out around the country} So far it has worked out that I’ve been able to go 3 times since their wedding/our wedding and babies. Once when she had a newborn and twice with both my boys. Each visit has been memorable and so wonderful to share time with the one person who knows me better than everyone except my husband. I mean we did live together for 3 of 4 years in college and were practically joined at the hip for at least 2 years. It’s a whole different friendship bond than childhood, high school, post college, after babies friendships. I feel extra blessed to have at least 1 great friend from each of those life stages. And I thank Sarah the most for not sharing my freshman-30 photos all over social media when she posts a happy birthday etc. hahaha. But back to my original post, I wanted to share with you a few photos from our trip this week. Of course it was much easier to get on Instagram and share during the trip so if you follow me there you saw most of the highlights. Please forgive any duplicates here. I’m not sure we could’ve enjoyed our trip any more, we packed in the memories and yet still had time to relax. Lucas managed his first all-nighter followed by 2 nights in a row of 14+ hours of sleep. We shopped with 4 kids, baked cookies in our pjs, dyed Easter eggs, played with worms, rode a tractor mower, and bounced around. Most of all we grew our friendship(s) just a little bit more. Both boys are asking me constantly when Summer & Zander can go on an airplane and visit us. I love sharing this season of life with you my friend. No matter the time or distance, our bond remains. xo.

Now here are those snapshots…. Enjoy! Please note the mamas were busy chasing babies and taking photos we didn’t manage a picture of the two of us. I like to think it’s because we need an excuse to visit each other sooner!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With that I’m off to get some sleep. Our week sure was fun but this mama is exhausted.


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