Lucas is TWO

Today my baby is 2 years old. As another year passes I’m happy and a bit sad. It’s so joyful to see each of our boys grow, change and hurdle over yet another milestone. But with each birthday I look back on all of the photos and the tears push at my eyes when I realize my babies are growing oh so fast. Lucas Gunner you bring so much joy to our family with your happy contagious laugh, your curious spirit and ever present determination. Trust me when I say we couldn’t imagine our lives without you tiny one (or chubby one depending on which parent you ask lol). The love we have for you shows no end, growing bigger with each day. Even when you look at me with fire in your baby blues and protest “no, I don’t like it/don’t want it” I can’t help but smile & feel proud that you are showing us just how strong willed you are. May you always be willing to tell people what you want, without fear of anything.

So Lucas, Bring on the terrible twos!! Mama is ready. Kid, I say that now… fully knowing you’ve already been testing me for the last month. I am also aware that some days you look at me laughing inside just plotting your next shenanigan to test my parenting, don’t worry if I look like I’m ready to run away occasionally, daddy will always be my backup.

And that my friends is a dose of truth. Off to finish setting up for his birthday party, can’t wait to share all of the Pinterest-worthy details with you this next week!




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