GoodBye Butterflies


Finally it was time…. All 11 {yes eleven} butterflies were set free today {thank goodness} those things surprised me on more than one occasion by flapping their wings while I was making coffee, filling the diffuser nearby or just walking. I swear every single time I would forget we had 2 nets full of newly hatched butterflies. But I do have to admit they were a very cool experience, both the kids and I really enjoyed the whole process. {daddy was traveling most of the time so he missed both the move of cocoons to the nets and the release} don’t worry he can do it the next time…. haha.

Here are a few snapshots for you to enjoy of them in our house followed by release. I apologize for the lack of detail/closeups, I managed to snap some decent shots on my phone but it was much more fun to be focused on the kiddos & enjoying their wonder. Both boys have been asking to see photos over & over. I think we all are  looking forward to next spring…

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With all the fun we had, We will definitely be repeating this again in years to come. How about you? Have you ever raised bugs just for the fun of learning and because… kids.



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