Bison & Apple Acorn Squash

Lately, I’ve been feeling the need to mix up our weekly menu a bit. I always love rotating our old favorites around and adding in a new entree or side here & there. But with the season change brings the desire to really mix things up and dig through that stack of “try later” recipes that I have been printing out for almost 5 years now, apparently that part of nesting decide to stick around. Add to that the abundance of squash and pumpkins now readily available in the grocery stores and bam tonights yummy dinner was born.

Originally I found a stuffed personal pumpkin recipe about two years ago, along with a roasted acorn squash recipe in a magazine last month, so while in the store a couple weeks ago I bought one acorn squash. Just one cause really I’m not feeding an army most nights, yet. While meal planning for the week this past Sunday, I did a quick search for stuffed acorn squash and soon enough had a plan.  A few bits and pieces from the first two recipes, the pack of ground bison frozen in my freezer and there’s dinner.

Looks yummy right.

The little ones actually loved it. Mind you they had it a bit disassembled on their divided plates. Some of the stuffing mix, a few pieces cut from the bigger of the squash halves, along with a helping of Mac n cheese and side of raw veggies and they were both more than happy to at least try the new items served to them. Cash actually cleaned up his portion, Lucas is in a current food strike yet he tasted one bite, either way I’m calling it a smashing success.

With that I give you another delicious family tested recipe

Bison and Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash

In true Life is Peaches fashion it can be modified so many ways, don’t be afraid to substitute. Instead of Bison use Chicken, turkey, or sausage. Add in a few more veggies or spices. The options are endless and that is the Joy in cooking. Just be sure to come back and share what you’ve done along with your families thoughts on the dish.

Have a fantastic evening my friends.


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