Fall is in the Air errr… Calendar


Never underestimate the power of suggestion. I mean it may still be in the 90’s this week in Arizona but it doesn’t mean I haven’t started decorating for fall & Halloween all over our house. Along with a bit of baking, crafting and clearing out of the old, apparently I am a fall purging person as well as spring cleaning.  Basically, I am going to continue acting as though the calendar and the weather aren’t in stubborn competition to prove the other one is in the wrong. Just to be clear the weather needs to shape up and cool off already. I don’t mind the sunshine I would just prefer my October to be low 70’s rather than mid 90’s.

In order to welcome in the Fall I’ve rounded up some of my favorites both old and new. As you know cooking and crafting are two of my favorite things to do. With school in full swing we’ve gotten back into a bit of a routine around here and I’m finding more and more time lately to fit in all the things I love & want to do along with all of the things I still need to do. By getting so much finished in the morning then Lucas napping better than ever in the afternoons I have also been able to have a full week of workouts once again WOO HOO.

Anyways here are some of my favorite successes this week…

Candy Corn Treat Jars


Yarn Pumpkins



Apple Crisp


For the crisp I did make adjustments to the original recipe (first off double the topping, trust me just do, then substitute coconut palm sugar for the brown sugar & grass fed butter for the margarine).

Hopefully you follow me on Instagram to see the latest cuteness of my boys. They are both thriving so much these days and while I know I have much to share/catch up on when it comes to this space. I am soaking in all of the special (and even those trying) moments with them. As the saying goes… “The days are long, but the years are short”. It is more than true!!


Now I’m off to get ready for dinner and a little moms night out. Looking forward to a day of decorating and Football tomorrow. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Bye for Now!!


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