Farewell, 2017

2017 was a year of personal growth, intentional change and so much more for me.
This was the year I found a true godly mentor and I grew my faith to a level I had only dreamed possible. The year my babies became 5 and 2. The year I made time for the old friendships that still make time for me. The year I began to let go of the old friendships that don’t and cultivate new ones to into beautiful journeys. The year I watched an impenetrable bond blossom between my two boys. The year I purged our home of extra junk almost as much as I plan to. The year I stood up for myself and my family. The year we bought a treadmill and I barely used it. The year we bought an investment in Denver and actually used it. The year our marriage got stronger than the year before. The year I learned to slow down and worry a bit less. The year I started to care for my soul. The year I truly felt sad for my little brother but began to seriously pray for him, knowing that is all I can do from here. The year I missed my grandmas and they both only live a few states away. The year I became frustrated with social media, professional football and peoples political opinions being shoved in my face but then I let it go. The year I talked to my dad every week (that he was in the US) on the phone no matter what. The year I became intentional with my time, remembering to slow down when we needed to. The year I made the best choices for my family even if others didn’t agree. The year I realized that it was still ok. The year I wanted to blog so much more, yet I simply didn’t. The year we bought our forever home right before Thanksgiving and began to move in right after Christmas because it just felt right for our family.
Another year where life made us laugh, cry, frustrated, and yet it simply got better.
 I cannot wait to see what is next for our family.
Bring on another year….. Welcome 2018!!

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