Summer Break

Summer Break is here…

The kids are out of school, Arizona is blazing hot, our work is mobile, & we currently have a place to stay in both Colorado & Washington… therefore we have the blessing to travel away this season. Frankly I couldn’t be more excited to throw away the schedule, duck plans, and just enjoy being wherever we are for the next 2 months. At first, I was thinking of planning all kinds of things and even a tad upset that we would be away from home for so long. But the more I embrace the unknown and spontaneous of my husbands ideas the more joy our family finds. We soak in the little moments of sprinkler runs, walks to the park, the 5 year old finally learning to throw a football, and easy dinners on the BBQ. Isn’t that what summer is for? Slowing down and just enjoying the moment.

My dad is retired so he was more than willing to catch a plane for Arizona and make the day drive up to Colorado with the kids and I. We had a long adventure filled day followed by a couple of relaxing ones settling in to the house and loving the extra adult presence. Today we put him on a plane back to Washington knowing that in just over a week we get to see him again, along with a whole bunch more family!!

Don’t forget, I love to share photos of our day to day on Instagram… but here are a few of my favorites from this week.

Looking ahead to who knows what this weekend and excited to share a bit more in this space again. Life with these two little boys is ever changing, full of surprises and busier than ever. Yet, I love every second of it can’t wait to document the fun again!


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